Get to Know the Heartland Advantage

As the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish industry’s largest vertically-integrated producer, Heartland Catfish Company is the Industry’s first choice for fresh and individually quick-frozen (IQF) catfish. Customers rely on Heartland Catfish Company for the breadth and depth of its product line offerings, reliability in quality control and assurance, and industry-leading processing and packing equipment.

Heartland Catfish Company has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help set the standard for the Food Safety and Inspection Service’s (FSIS) oversight of the catfish industry. This strong partnership has elevated Heartland Catfish Company’s Itta Bena, Miss. facility as a showcase plant for USDA FSIS due to its reputation for quality control and assurance. Heartland Catfish Company is committed to producing the highest quality products and protecting consumer safety.

Fresh or frozen. Breaded or sliced. Retail or food service. Heartland Catfish Company is the expert in delivering consistent, high-quality U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish. Whatever your catfish needs, Heartland Catfish Company provides unmatched product availability, knowledge and service to exceed your expectations.

Heartland Catfish Company processing facility

Exceeding Quality Assurance Standards

Heartland Catfish Company operates under a U.S. Department of Commerce Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) program, designed to ensure product safety and economic integrity, while making sure product specification parameters are met or exceeded. Heartland Catfish Company’s facilities operate at the highest HACCP level, resulting in a higher-rated product than the rest of the catfish industry.

Third-party auditing firms regularly inspect Heartland Catfish Company’s facilities for compliance with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standards and requirements. BAP Standards cover a range of issues such as Product Safety, Economic Integrity, Socioeconomic Responsibility, Workplace Safety, Employee Compensation and environmental Protection.

Heartland Catfish Company has the most stringent flavor standards in the industry, with the industry’s most experienced and respected flavor checker on staff to enforce flavor standards and check each load of fish for processing. This assures a consistent flavor profile throughout the year.

Heartland Catfish Company processing facility production line
Heartland Catfish Company fresh fillet
Heartland Catfish Company shipping receiving

Consistent Order Fulfillment

Heartland Catfish Company’s network of respected partner-farmers, together with the single largest grower of farm-raised catfish in the country, Tackett Farms, provides a consistent, high-quality supply of catfish year-round. With more than 60 million pounds of live fish processed annually, the wide breadth and depth of Heartland Catfish Company’s inventory allows them to confidently and consistently fill customers’ orders with superior-quality catfish products.

Prioritizing Quality Control

Producing the best catfish products requires careful attention to temperature control throughout the supply chain. Heartland catfish Company’s facilities are designed so that temperatures are consistently monitored and controlled. Every stage of processing – from chill water tanks, spiral freezers, processing floors, storage freezers, storage coolers and loading docks – is carefully calibrated to maintain the proper temperature to preserve the quality of the product.

The same automated systems also allow the Heartland Catfish Company team to control the flow of product throughout the processing line. Heartland Catfish Company’s breadth of product offerings is made possible through the systems that monitor, grade and weigh the individual fish before and after processing to ensure true net weights and accurate sizing. Having the ability to grade live fish by size allows Heartland Catfish Company to adapt their equipment to the correct size throughout the day, ensuring smooth, clean cuts that meet struct quality standards for appearance and texture of the finished product. 

Largest Freezing Capacity in the Industry

Heartland Catfish Company has the capability to freeze 18,000 pounds of fillets every hour and the flexibility to freeze 100 percent of their production. This is key to managing both fresh and frozen orders to ensure high order fill rates. The freezing capacity also prevents Heartland Catfish Company from keeping fresh fish in ice totes for several days while awaiting freezer space. This food safety feature prevents high bacterial plate counts and inferior flesh texture and appearance.

Heartland Catfish Company only stores enough fresh fish in ice totes in order to have product to begin running at the start of the next day. This large freezing ability allows for easy adjustments to the fresh and frozen mix of production in times of high demand for individually quick-frozen (IQF) products but low supply of raw materials, resulting in higher fill rates of frozen products for our valued customers.

Heartland Catfish Company processing processor quality assurance facility freezer storage

Stringent flavor standards enforced by experienced staff


Consistent mild, sweet flavor profile year round, which ensures consumer satisfaction

Freezing capacity 18,000 pounds per hour =

Flexibility to adjust frozen and fresh production to meet daily order requirements, maximizing order fill rates

Profitable and Financially sound company – Current D&B Rating 4A1


A dependable, long-term supplier

HACCP-QMP Facility


Provides you with safe, high-quality product

Value-added breaded and marinated product and split fillet forms offered =

Quick, simple preparation for consumer convenience

Temperature controlled plant from the processing area, chill tanks, spiral freezing, frozen and refrigerated storage to the loading docks =

Smooth, clean fillet cuts that meet our high standards for appearance and firm texture and low bacterial plate counts for extended shelf life

Consistent Quality =

Helps assure patron trust and satisfaction

Year-Round Availability =

Supports menu planning