Heartland Grown Catfish

Delivering Excellence from Egg to Harvest

Heartland Catfish Company is one of the largest vertically-integrated entities in the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish industry today. The Tackett Family owns and manages the ponds that provide about 50 percent of the catfish processed each year. The balance of the supply is procured from select partner-farmers in Texas, the Arkansas Delta, Mississippi Delta and the Black Belt Prairie Region of Mississippi and Alabama. Raised in man-made freshwater ponds utilizing the latest farming practices and Best Management Practices, Heartland Catfish Company is able to deliver the best catfish on the market.

Heartland Catfish Company catfish has a characteristically mild and sweet flavor due to the specifically formulated high-protein, grain-based floating feed, which discourages the fish from searching for food sources elsewhere in the pond. Managing the supply from egg to harvest allows Heartland Catfish Company to deliver consistent, high-quality, on-flavor U.S. Farm Raised Catfish all year round.

Heartland Catfish Company Tackett Farms catfish food feed high protein floating pellets

Heartland Catfish are fed a high-protein, grain-based floating feed that gives them their signature mild and sweet flavor.

Heartland Catfish Company harvest pond live seine aerated tank truck

Heartland Catfish are loaded into an aerated tank on a flatbed truck to be transported to the processing plant.

Heartland Catfish Company Tackett Farms Mississippi Itta Bena pond farm aquaculture