Heartland Grown Catfish

Heartland Catfish Company procures our supply of live US Farm-Raised Catfish from select farmers in the Arkansas Delta, Mississippi Delta and the Black Belt Prairie Region of Mississippi and Alabama. Fish in these regions are raised in man-made freshwater ponds ranging in size from 10 to 20 acres and 4-to-6 feet deep on average. The freshwater is supplied to the ponds via underground wells that tap into fresh water of the alluvial aquifers of these regions, thus ensuring that groundwater pollutants don’t contaminate the ponds or the fish. In order to maintain the consistent flavor of US Farm-Raised Catfish, specifically formulated, high-protein, grain-based feed, formed into floating, pellets is fed to the fish on a regular basis during the growing season. This keeps the fish from feeding on any naturally occurring food sources in the pond and, therefore the fish have a more desirable, mild, sweet flavor.

Heartland Catfish Company’s owners, the Tackett Family, own and manage the ponds that provide about 50% of the fish that is processed each year. Tackett Fish Farms is the largest single producer of US Farm-Raised Catfish and they employ the latest farming practices to provide Heartland with the best fish on the market. They manage every phase of the fish’s lifecycle from the egg, to hatch, to grow out and harvest. The remainder of Heartland’s fish comes from farmers that are known by our management team to utilize the latest Best Management Practices to raise their fish, just like our owners do. This allows us to provide our customers with consistent, high-quality, on-flavor, US Farm-Raised Catfish.