Are you looking for a mild-flavored, firm-textured fish fillet to use in that special recipe? Do you want one that is safe, healthy, sustainable and American? Then try US Farm Raised Catfish Fillets from Heartland Catfish Company. We produce only top-quality fillets that are heart healthy and protein rich. It is perfectly suited for any of your favorite fish recipes. Try it fried, grilled, broiled or baked, and you will agree. It’s delicious!




In order for you to have the full versatility of the fillet, we offer our raw fillets in individually quick frozen (IQF) and fresh packed on ice (Dry Pack). They are available packed in portion sizes:

  • 2-3 oz., 3-5 oz., 5-7 oz., 7-9 oz., 9-12 oz., and 12 oz. UP.
  • We bulk-pack both the IQF and Dry Pack raw fillets in 15 lb. net weight boxes.
  • We also offer certain sizes of the IQF fillets in a 4 lb. box and a 2 lb. bag.


For ease of preparation, we offer two flavors of marinated fillets in either Dry Pack or IQF. The custom-blended marinades are applied using a vacuum tumbling process to get the flavor of the seasonings deep into the fish flesh. We offer Cajun, a unique blend of spices that makes a delicious and easy-to-fix blackened style fillet, and Lemon Pepper, for that refreshingly light citrus flavor. Our marinated fillets are offered in:

  • 15 lb. net weight bulk Dry Pack and IQF


Do you want a quick way to fry up the classic Southern Fried Catfish? To make our IQF Breaded Fillets, we take our top-quality 5-7 oz. fillets and bread them in our special recipe corn meal based breading. This lets you have authentic Southern Fried Catfish quickly and easily. Just take the frozen fillets directly from the freezer to the fryer and, in no time, you are enjoying a catfish poboy or a catfish platter. We offer our IQF Breaded Fillets in:

  • 15 lb. bulk packed box