Just like with our fillets, Heartland Catfish Company strives to provide only the freshest, top-quality whole catfish products for our customers. Let us handle the skinning, deheading, and evisceration of the fish and you can prep it and cook it up however you like. We offer whole, dressed catfish in both Dry Pack and IQF forms in various portion sizes. These whole fish are ideal for those who like the taste of the meat on the bone. Whether you need whole fish for your favorite recipe, or you just prefer to cut your own signature cuts for frying, grilling or broiling, Heartland Catfish’s whole fish is the perfect choice.




  • Portion Sizes available: 1-6 oz., 5-8 oz., 7-9 oz., 9-11 oz., 11-13 oz., 13-15 oz., or 15-17 oz.
  • IQF Raw – 15 lb. bulk pack
  • Dry Pack Raw – 15 lb. bulk pack