MSU Research, Outreach Boost Catfish Industry

The Mississippi State University Extension Service has played a significant role in the state’s status as the top producer of catfish in the U.S. Most of the technological advances related to the industry have taken place at MSU facilities under the direction of university and U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers.

“The state’s industry has sustained its No. 1 national ranking by including scientific principles in decision making processes,” said MSU Extension aquaculture associate Mark Peterman. “This research has been instrumental in the sustainability of the catfish industry over time by providing an unbiased and scientific approach to problem identification, methodology and communication of results.”

Today, the state boasts more than 150 catfish production operations over 34,700 surface water acres. Farm-gate sales regularly exceed the $200 million mark each year. Virtually all of the state’s catfish production is in the alluvial soils in the Mississippi Delta or the Black Belt soils of east Mississippi.

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