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Wholesale Catfish
for Restaurants and Food Service

Heartland Catfish Company has been a proud supplier of U.S. farm-raised catfish for restaurants and food service establishments for decades. Our customers span across the country, and include quick service restaurants, independent catfish houses, regional chain restaurants and more. 

Your Customers Deserve the Best

Which is why we sell our customers the best catfish products on the market. When you buy Heartland Catfish products, you get: 

Locally grown and harvested catfish 
Consistent, mild flavor profile 
A variety of high quality cuts 

Consumers are becoming more conscious and aware of where their food is coming from, which is why choosing U.S. farm-raised products is more important than ever. When it comes to Heartland’s catfish, what comes out of our ponds is exactly what goes into each customer’s boxes. We provide high quality fish from high quality farms with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) in place. 

Why Add Catfish
to Your Menu?

It’s time to ditch the imported products and add variety to your menu.

We understand that you’re looking to serve your customers high quality products while keeping budget in mind. Our premium fresh and frozen catfish for restaurants and food service needs are priced competitively to match their quality, and come in a variety of sizes including 3-5s and 5-7s, which are most popular with our food service customers.

Heartland catfish products look good before you cook it, is versatile enough to fit any menu, and will taste delicious every time it’s eaten by one of your customers. Chefs love cooking with our catfish, and their customers savor every bite.

A Versatile Option
for Restaurants as Consumers Preferences Shift

It’s hard to beat a classic fried catfish basket with fries and hush puppies. This southern-style dish isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but many of our customers have noticed a shift in their patrons’ tastes.

As newer generations seek healthier, more sustainable and locally sourced meal options, restaurants are shifting gears and updating menus to accommodate. Heartland catfish is a versatile menu addition, as its flavor profile remains intact whether it’s fried, baked, grilled or pan-seared to meet customer demands.

It’s OK to be picky about your fish. In fact, you should be.
You know Heartland.
You know our quality.
You know it’s going to be good.
Your customers will thank you.

Contact Our Sales Team

No matter your location, our sales team is here to connect you with our U.S. farm-raised catfish. Contact your regional Heartland Catfish Company representative to learn more about our wholesale catfish products and pricing.

Don Davis
Regional Sales Manager – West
Phone: (303) 378-7394

Johnny Jarrell
Regional Sales Manager – Texas
Office: (972) 982-2596
Phone: (214) 236-0535

Chris Owings
Regional Sales Manager – South
Office: (662) 254-7100
Phone: (901) 351-6084

Linda Farnsworth Gwinn
Regional Sales Manager – East
Office: (662) 254-7100
Phone: (901) 277-1298