Frozen Catfish: It’s What’s for Dinner
Raw Catfish on plate and cedar plank

Frozen catfish is one of the most feasible ways to add more seafood to a diet, both through the amount of nutrients found in frozen fish and in the financial benefit that often comes from skipping your local seafood counter. Frozen catfish is also a great way to provide a nutritious meal for you and your family with very little time spent in the kitchen. A common hesitation with buying frozen seafood, and frozen produce in general, comes from the thawing process. Thawing frozen catfish is surprisingly easy and is still extremely healthy. It only requires a little planning ahead of time!

If thawed correctly, frozen catfish will actually be less likely to contain bacteria than fresh catfish, as explained by Livestrong. Since Heartland frozen catfish products are individually quick frozen (IQF) immediately after being processed, bacteria growth is halted. The reason people tend to get food poisoning from frozen fish and meat is from not thawing it for long enough. They either fear letting it thaw for too long or for get in a rush. The still-frozen pieces remain raw during the cooking process, resulting in consumption of raw meat and ultimately food poisoning.

There are two ways we prefer thawing Heartland catfish products, depending on the amount of time we have. The first is a slower process, but we find it thaws the most evenly. Place the catfish, still in packaging, in the fridge overnight so it can gradually thaw in a cool environment. When you’re ready to start cooking, simply remove it from the fridge. Check to make sure the whole piece of catfish is thawed, and prepare it like you normally would.

The second technique is an excellent alternative, and it’s our go-to when we’re in more of a rush or we’re a little forgetful and don’t place the catfish in the fridge the night before. Place the frozen Heartland catfish in a resealable bag and submerge the bag in a bowl of cold water for about an hour. It’s important to use cold water and have as much of the catfish submerged in water as possible. This helps the catfish thaw evenly without risking the threat of bacteria growth. After an hour, check to make sure the catfish is evenly thawed, then prepare it like you normally would.

Cooking with frozen Heartland catfish is easy, fast and an economic way to add more healthy seafood to your diet. You can find Heartland catfish at your local Walmart, or check our product locator on our website!